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CupoNation is Global Savings Group's leading savings platform

CupoNation Singapore aims to help Singaporeans get full access to the best savings tips, deals, and promo codes to help them save more while shopping online.


How we save you money

Equipped with years of experience since CupoNation Singapore was launched by Global Savings Group in 2017, we strive to help customers in Singapore save more every day by providing them with promo codes and offers that they can claim for free. To ensure that our customers have a wide variety of retailers from which to choose, we are constantly working to enhance our service by introducing new features such as the Rewards opportunity and our Saving Tips blog.

Online shoppers in Singapore saved millions of dollars thanks to discount codes and coupons provided by CupoNation, which aims to introduce a better shopping lifestyle and help you make informed decisions before your purchases, especially during the anticipated sale dates in Singapore, such as Independence Day, Single's Day, 12.12, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


It's taken a lot of time and effort to reach this point.

Since its inception in 2012, Global Savings Group (GSG) has provided customers with financial savings options and consistently yielded many noteworthy results. In 2017, as part of GSG initiatives to extend this savings opportunity to many other countries in Asia, CupoNation Singapore was launched, and it has grown since then. Now, our website has hundreds of exclusive promo codes, promotional deals, vouchers, and money-saving strategies for over 300 of Singapore's most popular online stores.

Skilled, Dedicated Professionals in E-Commerce & Savings

The team at GSG combines arms and heads to dedicate their working days to providing you with the best daily promo codes, savings deals, and generally the highest quality of service possible so that you never have to pay more than you should when shopping on your favourite online shops. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with clients and affiliate networks to promote genuine, working codes that you can use for all your purchases and orders.

This is why each piece of content on our website is thoroughly researched and curated to meet your shopping requirements.

The team

Kanchan Sharma
Kanchan Sharma

Associate Director Ops

Darshana T.
Darshana T.


Jennifer Pua
Jennifer Pua


Our review process and quality standards

At CupoNation Singapore, we are committed to thoroughly vetting every promo code or voucher before publishing them. Our team meticulously verifies the discounts' validity, expiration dates, and terms and conditions to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on our savings platform.

Furthermore, our dedication continues. We consistently revisit and retest live promo codes to quickly address issues and remove non-working codes and deals. This hands-on and detail-oriented approach is how we strive to earn the trust of our Singaporean customers. If you have found any non-functional code, please contact the CupoNation Singapore team, and we will promptly investigate and rectify the situation.

How we make money

CupoNation Singapore has collaborated with leading Affiliate Networks in the industry, making it possible for us to earn a small revenue from every sale we contribute to our partnering brands. We also generate some profit through fixed fees on our campaign pages. These fees come directly from our partnered Singaporean online stores, which would like to promote exclusive discounts and promo codes they have.

We are eagerly anticipating future expansion within our already successful alliance with Singapore's most prominent online shops and affiliate networks so we can do more to help customers like you save money.

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