Our company

Our Company

  • At CUPONATION, we believe that everyone should always try to get more out of life and that saving is a clever way for everyone to do so:
    By paying less for your needs and having more to spend on the wants.
    And by saving time using our platforms, which can be spent enjoying life.
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  • This is why we tirelessly work on new ways to bring the best opportunities to save to everyone around the world and build the best tools to access and discover them.
    On our global platforms, we enable our users to access and discover the best opportunities to save from all stores and brands across all categories from anywhere around the globe.
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We are constantly searching for and learning about new ideas and technologies to save.
We work hard to enable everyone to make clever purchase decisions and get more out of online shopping.
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    We are excited to have the opportunity to help you make the most out of your life.
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    We believe the internet makes also shopping global. Therefore we work in teams with different backgrounds and geographies and are constantly sharing our global experiences on saving.
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    Online shopping is a very personal experience, this is why we build customizable platforms to adapt the vast world of savings to our customers needs and wants.
CUPONATION in Singapore
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    Based in India
  • 18
    Team members
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    Launched in 2013
We Are ... Different minds. One Vision!
Here at CUPO NATION, we follow one vision, which is to offer you nothing short of the best saving opportunities. To achieve this, we as a team, put in our sincere efforts to transform our coupon publishing vision to direction. Even when we are offering you multiple ways to save, we are always thinking of the next phase to expand our services and make them invaluable for our customers. We are relentless when it comes to chasing perfection…..so, stick by!
  • Mayank Sharma
    Chief Commercial Officer - India and Singapore
    Mayank is an experienced internet executive, having a track record in both start-ups and established technology companies. With over 9 years of experience in the technology industry, Mayank has led many functions (engineering, design, product, strategy and business development) and has excelled in multiple industries and business models. Also, fortunate to have gained this experience across geographies.
  • Kanchan Sharma
    Savings Manager - India | Malaysia | Singapore
    I am working on improving savings processes to ensure best codes and deals to be present on leading online savings platform. Really great experience working together as a team, in multiple hats, to accomplish the goals set forth. Cuponation has helped me in individual growth and provided me with experience across a broad range of subject matter. .
  • Mukesh Sharma
    Saving Analyst
    I have been working as a savings analyst at CupoNation since last 3 years. The experience has strengthened my skills and helped me gain a vast knowledge of the e-commerce market. I would sum up my experience as encouraging and motivating.
  • Abhijeet Patel
    Saving Analyst
    The focus of my work is to help customers find the best deals as per their requirements and thus ensure that our business stays top with high focus on consumer’s demands. I found Cuponation to be a very progressive and reliable firm.
  • Ajay Khatana
    Saving Analyst
    I joined cuponation a month back as a saving analyst and it's great to be here in this organization. It has been a great experience so far. Our focus is to drive productivity and efficiency by refining and enhancing our processes/services every now and then.
  • Rishi Saini
    Saving Analyst
    I am working in Savings Singapore team to upload the best quality content available in the market to help the users to save more. My journey at Cuponation helped me to understand the ecommerce market in depth and helped me in enhancing my knowledge and skills.