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Learn your Love language

Did you know that there are different ways to express your love? Here are the 5 languages of love for you to get to know your partner better:

  • Words of affirmation: A compliment or encouragement is one of the ways to reach your loved one with this love language. It doesn't have to be spoken too. A text message or a love note can also make their day. Dell has a wide range of tech gadgets to help you stay in touch with your sweetheart,no matter where you are.
  • Acts of service: Action speaks louder than words. Your other half would love it if you did nice things for them. Even the simplest gestures like making their favourite drink or taking out the garbage can make them feel appreciated.
  • Receiving gifts: A thoughtful gift can brighten a person's day as opposed to a generic present. Different people have different interest, so taking some time to figure them out help you tremendously. Lazada has dozens of categories for you to shop for the perfect Valentine's Day gift.
  • Quality time: Sometimes, all your partner wants is for you to spend some quality time together. Undivided attention can be the most romantic gesture to give. Take time off your hectic schedule to get cozy together. Millennium Hotels has a selection of hotel packages for lovebirds to reconnect with each other.
  • Physical touch: This kind of love involves physical interaction to express your affection. Holding hands, a hug, or a massage are some of the prime examples.