Champions League 2018

The price of a goal

Liverpool and Real Madrid are the two finalists in this year's Champions League final. They have both had impressive campaigns, and the discussion about what players are the best ones will never stop.

CupoNation decided to check out the best players within a specific statistic on each side and based on their salary see who of them has been the most cost-effective throughout the tournament face of this year's Champions League.

 The statistics: Goals, successful passes, saves, clearances and assists






When two players from the same team had the same amount of for example assists or goals, the player with the least amount of playing time in the Champions League was considered the best of them, as he should be considered the most efficient. Player salaries are approximate and collected from sources outside of CupoNation. The mentioned salaries are only used as an entertaining way of comparing the players against each other, together with their Champions League statistics, and should not be used in any other way. CupoNation cannot guarantee the validity of the salaries. The final cost is rounded up or down to the closest 1000 euros. Only the tournament phase of the Champions League is considered valid. All currency converted on May 17th, 2018. All data sources last checked on May 22nd, 2018.