New Year Resolutions 2018

Affordable & Possible Resolutions

Cuponation Singapore ranks the most talked about new year resolutions and guides you on how to accomplish them on a budget.

New Year Insights





New Year Resolutions have always been one of the most exciting aspects to look forward to. Every year, people make new resolutions to adhere to and accomplish by the year end. This time around Cuponation Singapore decided to explore which resolution was most popularly talked about among the masses to uncover a trend of the most popular New Year resolution.

Following that, one of the most popular resolutions which people often talk about accomplishing are somehow always related to staying healthy. Staying healthy includes a number of factors such as starting a new fitness routine, following a new diet or healthy eating plan or even cutting out bad food types.

However most of the times when we talk about fitness and health related resolutions, they can be quite costly. Gym memberships can really rack a number on one’s account while buying organic ingredients to meal prep are also not as cheap as one expects.

Apart from fitness resolutions, we’ve also found recreating new styles and looks for the new year to be quite popular as well.

 However no matter how popular these resolutions may be, it is never easy to stay motivated to stick to them and accomplish them.

One helpful way to stay motivated is by sticking to a particular budget. When your resolutions don't force a large number out of your account daily, it helps set a positive tone to accomplishing the year ahead.