Funniest of All

Which Southeast Asian comedian wins the hearts of Singaporeans?

There is no better therapy than that of laughter which is why CupoNation Singapore decided to dedicate a study to finding Singaporeans’ favourite standup Southeast Asian comedians. We searched for the top standup comedians around Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to find the most popularly searched comedian. The results may surprise you

In the name of celebrating comedy in Singapore

1. Harith Iskander and Fakkah Fuzz lead in a web search popularity contest for Southeast Asian comedians. 2. Both talents have their own Netflix stand up comedy shows - hence if it gets too pricey to watch stand up comedy performances it won't be a bad idea to catch one on Netflix!3. Singaporeans are more interested to search online for Malaysia's Harith Iskander. 4. Sharul Channa is the only female stand-up comedian who successfully made it to the list of most popular online searched stand-up comedian.